1617-03-21 Gravesend, UK / The new World / Die neue Welt / O novo Mundo / El nuevo Mundo

All must die, but it is enough that your child lives on –

The true story of Pocahontas is a tale of tragedy and heartbreak. The story of Pocahontas is a tragic tale of a young native girl who was kidnapped, sexually assaulted and allegedly murdered by those who were supposed to keep her safe.

Pocahontas died in the town of Gravesend at age 21 and was buried there on March 21st, 1617.

Pocahontas remains a figure of contested historical narratives. She either adopted the virtues of civilization and brought peace to the new World or was kidnapped by English barbarians for their own purposes.

She was a frightened child or an exotic sexual fantasy. She was madly in Love or forced into marriage with a much older man.

Native tribes once comfortable wearing clothing suitable for summer – including exposed breasts for native women and little or nothing for children – found themselves being sexually targeted by English colonists.

Young children were targets of rape and native women would resort to offering themselves to men to keep their children safe. The Powhatan people were shocked by the behavior and were horrified that the English government offered them no protections.

When Pocahontas was about 15 or 16 she was kidnapped and trapped onboard an English ship.

The chiefs of the Powhatan never retaliated for the kidnapping of Pocahontas, fearing they would be captured and that the beloved daughter of the chief and the Peace Symbol of the Powhatan might be harmed.

Pocahontas was raped while in captivity and became pregnant. She was suffering from depression and was growing more fearful and withdrawn. She often tore off her English clothes, because they were uncomfortable.

Eventually, Pocahontas was converted to Christianity and took the name Rebecca.

After the journey and showing off of Pocahontas to the English elites, plans were made to return to Virginia in the spring of 1617. She was in good health while in England and on the ship preparing to go home.

Shortly after a dinner she vomited and died. Tribal members said she was in good health and she must have been poisoned due to her sudden death.

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