1935-05-19 Dorset, England / Nothing is Written / Nichts ist Bestimmt / Nada está Escrito / Nada esta Escrito

Do you have free will or is everything fate.

There is no sense of a middle way, of some other possibility. What if life is lived in constant interaction with a complex of forces, energies, experiences and events that is so multi-dimensional and varied that it is impossible to reduce it to an either/or, a duality of free will or fate.

What if at every moment you are the sum of what you have been, and yet at the same time constantly creating who you are to be.

What if there is a greater Awareness in you, that can be called the divine, the true Self, even can be called God.

What if in that Awareness, that divine presence, there is always choice, always the possibility of creating anew, creating yourself in the image of God.

How do you integrate that divine Consciousness, that divine will, that greater Awareness, into the habit patterns, the karmic patterns, the fate or destiny that has been woven out of your unconscious experience for many lifetimes.

In each Human being is the capacity to know and understand one’s conditioned experience. In each Human being is the capacity to bring to that experience greater Awareness.

The term free will implies that you can do whatever you like, and that you are free. This point of view is difficult to support.

You can see that you are conditioned by experience, by culture, family, and education; in so many ways you are not free, in your mind and in your actions.

You live in a World, in a body, in a personality that is created by a complex variety of causes and conditions.

And yet there is an aspect of your Consciousness that is free, can make choice, can maintain its Awareness in all kinds of circumstances.

Great leaders have this deep sense of belief, purpose and commitment. For them, nothing is determined, nothing ‘written.’

Possibilities and what seems impossible is in their hands to mold and create.

‘Nothing is written unless they write it.’ May this be your mantra in life.  

Nothing is written in the stars. Not these stars, nor any others. No one controls your destiny. Let your writings be magnificent – words and acts filled with daring, adventure, joy and caring.

It is all in your hands and nothing will happen until you choose to write it. Choose wisely; choose well. For you, nothing is written, until you write it. – Gregory Maguire

Lawrence was attempting to take the Turkish port of Aqaba from the rear.  This was considered an impossible undertaking.

Having accomplished this journey across the desert, Lawrence is informed that one Arab, Gasim, had fallen off his camel. Lawrence is advised that any attempt to save him is futile. He is told that Gasim’s death is ‘written.’ 

Lawrence goes into the desert to find Gasim. When he returns with him, Sherrif Ali says to him: ‘Truly, for some men nothing is written unless they write it.’

This sense of anti-determinism and this belief that anything is possible inspires.

Lawrence was fatally injured in an accident on his Brough Superior SS100 motorcycle in Dorset close to his cottage Clouds Hill. He was 46, just two months after leaving military service.

A dip in the road obstructed his view of two boys on their bicycles; he swerved to avoid them, lost control, and was thrown over the handlebars. He died six days later on 19 May 1935.

Nothing is written unless they write it.

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