1969-08-31 Newton, USA / He was a Savage / Er war ein Wilder / Ele era um Selvagem / Era un Salvaje

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Do what you do. Who cares what anyone thinks or says about you. Savages are themselves and do not care who knows it. Embrace the savage.

A savage is someone who dislikes you, what you do, or what you represent. A savage thrives on negativity, criticism, and insults. Savages can be anyone.

A savage in today’s modern culture is looked down upon. Despite this, savage behavior draws us, intrigues us.

Things that are savage are raw, unfiltered, and remind us of our humanity.

Savages are your critics who expose and show you your weaknesses.

They are to be embraced, because they bring you further self-awareness and insight. You should thank them.

Listen to the feedback they offer, you can learn much from them.

There may be a degree of truth in what savages say, which can stir up defensiveness and resistance inside you.

But, if you really listen to what is said, and analyze its validity, you can grow in many ways.

The truth can hurt. Own the truth, only if it is yours.

Make a mental note of what they say and do not say, as well as what they do. Behavior and habits do not lie. 

Do not ever internalize or personalize any negative feedback you receive.

Develop a thick skin and always stay true to yourself. Words do hold weight. But they only have the potential to hurt you if you allow them to.

Rocky Marciano was an intimidating monster of a fighter. An unstoppable force that threw bomb after bomb.

Hit him with everything you got, but he will still chase you down.

When you are in the ring with Rocky, you are fighting for your life. He was a savage.

He knocked out four legends, giving them the biggest beatings of their career.

Marciano announced his retirement on April 27, 1956, aged 32 as undefeated heavyweight champion of the World.

The only person in history to ever do so. He finished his career at 49–0. He was a savage.

The World remembers him for being a gentleman out of the ring. But inside the ring, he was something else. He was a savage.

On August 31, 1969, the day before his 46th birthday, he was in a private plane heading to Des Moines, Iowa.

It was night time and bad weather had set in. The pilot tried to land at a small airfield but the aircraft hit a tree two miles short of the runway.

He was killed on impact. It was savage.

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