1985-09-26 Neuwerk, Germany / Once upon a Time / Es war Einmal / Era uma Vez / Había una vez

Entering the 33rd year, my dear, –

my darling, my sweet, so sweet charming, –

probably the last, of our past, –

memories together, lasting forever, –

I had wealth, –

You had health, –

I had fun, –

You had our son, –

I had pleasure, –

You raised our treasure, –

I had nights out, –

You won the bout, –

Entering the 33rd year my dear, –

my girl, my shiny, so shiny pearl, –

probably the best, of our rest, –

moments to live, moments to give



Once Upon a Time in America is a 1984 Italian-American epic drama film directed by Italian filmmaker Sergio Leone and starring Robert de Niro and James Woods.

The film explores themes of childhood friendships; Love, lust, greed, betrayal, loss, broken relationships, together with the rise of mobsters in American Society.

David ‘Noodles’ Aaronson struggles as a street kid as he and his friends Patrick ‘Patsy’ Goldberg, Phillip ‘Cockeye’ Stein, and little Dominic commit petty crimes.

Noodles is in love with Fat Moe’s sister Deborah, who aspires to be a dancer and actress. One day, Bugsy ambushes the boys and shoots little Dominic, who dies in Noodle’s arms, who then stabs Bugsy to death. Noodles is arrested, and sentenced to 12 years in prison.

An adult Noodles is released from jail and is reacquainted with his old gang, who are now major players in the bootlegging industry during Prohibition. Noodles reunites with Deborah and tries to rekindle their relationship.

Noodles tries to impress Deborah on an extravagant date, and rapes her on their way home in a limousine, after which he becomes remorseful.

The gang’s financial success ends with the repeal of Prohibition, when Max considers a suggestion to set up what was to become the teamsters’ union, which Noodles refuses and leaves.

Noodles finds out that Max, Patsy, and Cockeye have been killed by the police, and is consumed with guilt over making that phone call.

Hiding under a fake identity for the next 35 years Noodles returns and tracks down Deborah, now a successful actress. He questions her about Secretary Bailey, telling her that he has received an invitation to a party at Bailey’s house. Deborah claims not to know much about Bailey, but Noodles already knows they have lived together for years.

The next scene reveals Secretary Bailey to be Max. Noodles meets with Max in his private room at the party. Max explains that corrupt policemen helped him fake his own death, so that he could steal the gang’s money and steal Noodles’ Love interest, Deborah, in order to begin a new life as Mr. Bailey.

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