1988-12-30 Washington D.C., USA / Footprints in the Snow / Fußspuren im Schnee / Pegadas na Neve / Huellas en la Nieve

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Footprints leading away in the snow –

I can’t help but wonder where they will go –

Do they lead to some exotic destination –

Or will they lead to a sudden termination –

Shoul I follow where ever they go –

Or will they show things I don’t want to know –

There is a secret they softly whisper –

But is it something I really want to hear –

Could it be a farmer about his morning chores –

Or a traveler bound for exotic shores –

Will they teach a valuable lesson –

Or are they just a silly girl’s obsession –

I can’t help but wonder where they go –

So I will follow deep into my soul –

Never fearing I will learn what I want to know –

From these footprints leading away in the snow –

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