1992-11-14 Rheydt, Germany / Age of Love / Zeitalter der Liebe / Era do Amor / Era del Amor

‘Age of Love’ is the 1990 self-titled track with vocals by Karen Mulder by the ‘Age of Love’ and is notable as an early popular example of trance music which had been developed during the early 1990s, in Germany.

Trance is characterized by a tempo lying between 125 and 150 beats per minute, repeating melodic phrases, and a musical from that distinctly builds tension and elements throughout a track often culminating in 1 to 2 peaks or drops.

You will never hear music like this ever again, that is why the are called classic trance anthems.

In 1992, a label released Jam and Spoon’s ‘Watch Out For Stella’ remix of  ‘The Age of Love’, which gained more popularity than the original track.

They had their first hit with the 1992 song Stella, which was widely player, remixed in the dance club community for years.

Nina Kraviz is a Russian DJ, music producer and singer. Kraviz has a doctorate in dental medicine and worked in a number of roles before her music career, including fixing cosmonauts teeth, hosting a local Irkutsk radio show and writing for a fanzine.

By 2008 she was playing a regular night at the Propaganda Club in Moscow and started her own record label in 2014.

A trance refers to a state of hypnotism and heightened Consciousness.

A common characteristic of trance music is a mid-song climax followed by a soft breakdown disposing of beats and percussion entirely, leaving the melody or atmospherics to stand alone for an extended period before gradually building up again.

Trance tracks are lengthy to allow for such progression and commonly have sufficiently sparse opening and closing sections to facilitate mixing by DJs.

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