1993-04-04 Freudenstadt, Germany / Hold me, Love me / Halt mich, Lieb mich / Me abrace, Me ame / Abrazame, Amame

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To the people who hold me up when my mind wants to let me down and I start falling to the ground. Thank you. Thank you for being my legs when mine refuse to work.

Thank you for letting me lean on your strength when the rest of the World wants me in the dirt. Thank you for staying firm, for giving me a foundation to stand on. Whenever I am weak and fall, you are there to help me up.

To the people who tell me that it is ok to feel too much. Thank you. Thank you for understanding my heart and never telling me it has to change. You let me love deep, intense, loud and open. You remind me not everything is supposed to fit the norm. On even my worst days days, you still care.

To the people who encourage my voice even when it breaks. Thank you. Thank you for reminding me that my opinion is important. There are days I stay silent and there are days when I have to speak up. You respect them both. I love you for that.

To the people who know me for who I am, and still stick around. Thank you. Thank you for seeing the wounds and scars and choose to stay.

You have seen me at my darkest, my most troubled moments, when everybody has dropped me and was ready to kill me. And you told me I was worth it. You told me nothing changed.

To the people who love me even when I am unlovable. Thank you.


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