1997-06-09 Düsseldorf, Germany / Beachball / Strandball / Bola de Praia / Pelota de Playa

Andry Nalin was born May 14th of 1969 in the beginning of the seventies in Düsseldorf, Germany. After living in a smaller village he returned to the city in 1991.

Still known for their leading electronic pioneers Kraftwerk the local scene discovered the early beginnings of Techno music. Andry Nalin started working in a record-store and was infected by the new music.

Being a DJ was a logical progression and first experience was catched at clubs like FACE, NOH-Club or the legendary CHECKER’S.

His resedency for the sunday-morning sessions at Dusseldorf’s most popular club RATINGER HOF lasted nearly two years and clubbers from all around Germany came just for this grand finale of the weekend to listen to Andry Nalin’s hypnotic sound.

Before his world hit ‘Beachball’ in 1997, Andry Nalin had already published several successful 12inches under the pseudonyms Nalin Inc. and Yellow Cab.

His name became a genuine trademark, that had a vital impact on the booming European house music scene. Andry Nalin ‘s gigs leaded him to all international top class clubs, as well as to the major festivals.

‘Beachball’ was released on June 9th 1997 as a single. Within a few months this underground vinyl release developed into the summer hit of 1997.

‘Beachball’ catapulted to No.1 in the German dance charts and stayed there for 10 weeks! as well as placement in nearly all charts throughout Europe.

The song sold over half a million singles worldwide and nothing stayed the same no more.

Besides his many national gigs at venues like Mach 1, Dorian Gray, KW, Loveparade, Mayday (… and many more), Andry Nalin used his creative break during the summers on the one and only party-island Ibiza for regular Djing in clubs like Space, Pacha or El Divino.

He is travelling all over Europe, working for the famous Renaissance in England, spinning in Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Fance, Hungaria and and and …

Andry Nalin is one of the most important protagonists of the international Underground House Sounds, both as a soloist as well as with his Bush II Bush project.

His particular sound pulsates between Techno, Electro and Tech-House; it intergrates the very best of these styles.

After his political career, crashed down by a sex scandal, now he is living on a small island on the rhine river close to Düsseldorf and makes music for aliens and professional tennis players.

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