2000-12-03 Marbella, Spain / Host of Seraphim / Gastgeber der Serafim / Anfitrião de Serafins / Anfitrión de los Serafines

A Seraphim is a celestial or heavenly being in Christianity and Judaism. Tradition places Seraphim in the highest rank in the Christian angelic hierarchy and in the fifth rank of ten in the Jewish angelic hierarchy.

Seraphim are mentioned as celestial beings in an influential Hellenistic work, the Book of Enoch, and the Book of Revelation. They are also sometimes called the Ones of Love because their name might come from the Hebrew root for Love.

Seraphim are known and understood from the writings in the ancient texts and from the traditions upon the connection with Angels.

In our World Seraphim walk amongst seers, teachers, artists, musicians, rulers, mothers, children and fathers, the beloved and unbeloved, the poor and the wealthy all together in harmony and balance. A place where there is no restriction or judgment.

Your connection with Angels has always been about partnership, union and oneness. Seraphim are the guardians of divine Grace and hold the power to ensure the purity of the Love that is available to all.

As more people seek for joy and happiness they are finding it more and more in their spiritual heart rather than within wealth and possessions.

As more people are being awakened and seeking their own unique journey more Love is coming to Earth and with this Love comes the Seraphim.

The Host of Seraphim is a spiritual piece of music by the band Dead Can Dance. It is characterized by wailing and chanting. The Host of Seraphim was used in the end credits of the American science-fiction horror film ‘The Mist’.

It was also used in the theatrical trailer for American drama film ‘Home of the Brave’, following the lives of four Army National Guard soldiers in Iraq and their return to the United States.

And in the non-narrative documentary film ‘Baraka’, exploring themes via a compilation of natural events, life, Human activities and technological phenomena shot in 24 countries on six continents over a 14-month period.

And in a DJ mix album by British electronic music producer Paul Oakenfold released in 2000 becoming the biggest-selling DJ mix album in the United States, where it reached the Top 50 of the Top Electronic Albums chart.

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