2005-10-31 Marbella, Spain / Shot me Down / Niedergeschossen / Me Atirou / Me Disparó

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In 2005 Marbella became the centre of the biggest corruption scandal in Spain when the operation ‘Malaya’ exposed a network of money laundering amounting to over 2.4 billion Euros.

The financial crisis hit Marbella’s property market like a ton of bricks bringing the construction industry down to its knees.

Marbella became the target of negative publicity particularly from the British press with endless horror stories. Brits have long enjoyed a love hate relationship with Spain.

Property prices crashed, businesses went bust, new developments, shopping centres and even airports were left half finished or completely abandoned.

Simon Franks and Tom Dinsdale from Audio Bullys, frequent tourist in Marbella were inspired and Brits ‘baby’ was shot down. The song featuring singer Nancy Sinatra was released on 31st of October 2005 and was used in the 2005 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

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