2007-04-24 Gierath, Germany / My House / Mein Zuhause / Minha Casa / Mi Hogar

House music is a genre of electronic music created by club DJs and music producers in Chicago in the early 1980’s.

While House music displayed several characteristics similar to disco music, it was more electronic and minimalistic, and the repetitive rhythm of House music was more important than the song itself.

House music became popular in Chicago clubs in 1984 and was associated with African-American and gay subcultures.

In the mid-to-late 1980’s, house music became popular in Europe as well as major cities in South America, and Australia.

And from this groove came the groove of all grooves,

And while one day viciously throwing down on his box, Jack boldy declared,

Let there be House!

and house music was born.

I am, you see,

I am the creator, and this is my house!

And, in my house there is only house music.

But, I am not so selfish because once you enter my house it then becomes our house and our house music!”

And, you see, no one man owns house because house music is a universal language, spoken and understood by all.

You see, house is a feeling that no one can understand really unless you’re deep into the vibe of house.

House is an uncontrollable desire to jack your body.

And, as I told you before, this is our house and our house music.

And in every house, you understand, there is a keeper.

And, in this house, the keeper is Jack.

Now some of you who might wonder,

Who is Jack, and what is it that Jack does?

Jack is the one who gives you the power to jack your body!

Jack is the one who gives you the power to do the snake.

Jack is the one who gives you the key to the wiggly worm.

Jack is the one who learns you how to walk your body.

Jack is the one that can bring nations and nations of all Jackers together under one house.

You may be black, you may be white; you may be Jew or Gentile. It don’t make a difference in our House.

And this is fresh.

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