2008-12-14 Recife, Brazil / Have a nice Trip / Gute Reise / Boa Viagem / Buen Viaje

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Thank you for the good times, –

The days you gave me pleasure. –

Thank you for not just sometimes, –

You’ve been my special treasure. –

Thank you for giving me your heart –

Having shared with me your life. –

Thank you right from the start –

You’ve been to me a wife. –

Thank you for what you did; –

You didn’t have to do it. –

Thank you for getting rid –

And changing my old habit. –

Thank you for giving it a try –

Your health was on the line –

Thank you, I say good bye –

Good bye to being mine –

Who am I

Who do I want to be

Is life pure madness

behind irrationality

Rational is boring

I know it is for me

Adventure or


Yes, to many

I am just me

I cannot change

I am and want to be

A poet and

A writer

An artist

And sometimes me

I will not change

No matter what you say

I am imperfect

As a person

It is not a simple world

And being me

I cannot answer in a sentence

and tell you who I am


And just thinking

Deep thoughts

Of who is me



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