2010-11-07 Sao Paulo, Brazil / Light and Shadow / Licht und Schatten / Luz e Sombra / Luz y Sombra

The grave magnitude of the Brazilian crisis is such that we lack means of explaining it. Trying to go beyond the classic approaches of critical sociology, we have invoked the explanatory capacity of the psychoanalytical categories of ‘light and shadow’.

We tried out a possible understanding that comes to us from the theory of chaos, an important chapter of the new cosmology, because from this chaos, in a situation of the highest complexity and relationship interaction, life as we know it arose, including our life.

Karma is real, be it personal or collective. Putting aside the different interpretations that have been given to karma, it is a category of the highest antiquity, used by buddhism, hinduism, jainism and spiritualism to explain personal and collective phenomena.

Karma is a Sanskrit term meaning strength and movement, centered in the word action that provokes a corresponding reaction.

Each person is marked by the actions taken in life. This affects not only people, but the whole environment. It is about a sort of ethical current account whose balance is in constant flux, according to the good or bad actions realized; the debits and credits.

Even after death, the person, in Buddhist belief, carries this account into all future rebirths, until the negative ledger diminishes to zero.

History is comprised of inter-related networks, into which each person is inserted, linked to those that preceded the person and those in the present.

There is a karmic functioning in the history of a people and its institutions, according to the levels of goodness and justice, or evil and injustice they produced over time.

This is a kind of a heritage that remains, impregnating everything. The karmic realities impregnate institutions, landscapes, shape the people and mark the singular style of a people. This karmic force operates throughout history, marking the facts, be they beneficial or malignant.

Let’s apply this karmic law to Brazil. It is not hard to recognize that Brazil carries a very heavy karma, derived in great part from the genocide of the Native nations, the super exploitation of the slave work force, the injustices perpetrated against large parts of the Black and Mestizo populations, relegated to the peripheries with families destroyed and corroded by hunger and disease.

Modern Society can only be cured of its karmic charge through a spiritual revolution in the mind and heart, along the line of compensatory justice and healing politics with just institutions.

Without this minimal justice the karmic charge will not be dissolved. But that alone is not enough. There must be Love, solidarity, compassion and a profound humanity for the victims.

Love will be the most effective motor because, deep down, Love is the last reality. A Society that is not capable of effectively loving and of being less perverse will never overcome a history so marked by its karma.

This is the challenge. If Brazil does not make this karmic reversion, Brazil will keep struggling from crisis to crisis, destroying her own future.

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