2012-01-06 Lagoa Bomfin, Brasil / I’ll leave with You / Ich werde mit dir gehen / Vou embora com Você / Con te Partirò

The sea and a boat are not an everyday environment for most people. You are so much ‘caught up in the system’ that you can not understand the simple and natural logic that lies behind sailing.

That is why children sail the best. They rely on feeling. You will need a few days on a boat before the logic and the feeling reveals itself. You will subordinate yourself to the laws of nature, not of people, society or economy … and you start to behave more naturally because of that.

There is no scam at the sea. Because your every action has direct consequence. You are stripped of your background, education, titles, status and wealth. And you get to face yourself very quickly.

There are some things you will like, but there are also some that you will not. In spite of all your courage and knowledge, if you do not respect the elements and their force and you do not feel small under the stars when facing them, you are doomed.

The catch is that you have to accept the fact that in sailing, as in life after all, absolute security simply does not exist. You have to realize that nature is your only master and that that is the way it should be, not the other way around. Then you can enjoy the wind and the sea.

I’ll leave with you,

to countries I never

saw and shared before.
Now, yes, I shall experience them.
I’ll leave with you
on ships across seas
which, I know
no, no ,exist no longer;
with you I shall experience them.

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