2012-06-18 Natal, Brazil / Once Again / Noch Einmal / Mais uma Vez / Una vez Más

All I do is sit and think,

I don’t want things to be weird,

Or awkward,

Or silent.

I want things to be back to normal.

I want to laugh with you,

Talk to you.

I want to know you better.

I wish I could see into your head,

Hear what you are thinking.

Right now it would be so helpful.

Now its just awkward glances.

No smiles, no laughs,

No expressions, just silence.

I don’t like it. I hope you don’t either.

I also hope you feel the

Same way.

A little more than a friend, but just a friend.

I wouldn’t

I couldn’t

Ask for more.

But what I ask the most for

Is for our tiny spark to exist again .

Because then, we both will be happy,

Once Again,

Once Again,

Once Again …

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