2013-02-02 Natal, Brazil / You don’t fool Me / Du täuschst mich Nicht / Você não me Engana / No me Engañas

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I see you are feeling lost. Maybe confused. I see you working hard and yet ready to give up. Do not. Please, do not. I see you. Your Mother sees you. The World sees you.

I see the beauty that shines from your skin. I see every movement you make. I see your strength and your grace. I see how smart you are. You are truly an intelligent and strong young woman.

You have so much to offer. Your place will find you. I promise, it will. Please do not run away from this journey. Your flag will not be raised in defeat.

You are not done. You are onto something amazing. I know you do not see these things. Just wait. I know.

I see where you hold your secret, like a baby blanket. It is comfortable. I see the door you open when you make a mistake. The same door. Never a new one. I see where you have made room for self doubt.

I see the place you go when you do not think you will find your way. I see the mask you try to hide behind. But that mask does not fool me.

You can not fool me because all I see is your light shining through your mask. I see your potential for greatness. I see the other doors around you just waiting to be opened.

They are all unlocked, in case you are worried they will not open. I see all that you will become. No matter what you do to try to dim that light of yours, it will never stop shining.

No matter the horrors, the fights or the frightenings, or the mishappenings, your light will always shine.

I have been there. I have lived that. I have been you in so many ways. I see your past. I see your present. I see your future. Someday, not too, too long from now, you will be where I am.

Someday, you will see a light just as I have seen. And someday, you will guide that light. Today I am sorry, but I have to say NO.

You don’t fool me – those pretty eyes –
That sexy smile – you don’t fool me –
You don’t rule me – you’re no surprize –
You’re telling lies – you don’t fool me –
Mama said be careful of that girl –
Mama said you know that she’s no good –
Mama said be cool, don’t you be no fool –

You don’t fool me
You don’t fool me, you don’t fool me
She’ll take you
You don’t fool me, and break you
You don’t rule me, you don’t fool me
You don’t fool me, she’ll take you
You don’t fool me, and break you
Sooner or later you’ll be playing by her rules

Bebê you don’t fool me
You don’t fool me, you don’t have to say ‘don’t mind’
You don’t have to teach me things I know
Sooner or later you’ll be playing by the rules
Oh, (fool you) Oh, (rule you) she’ll take you (take you)
And break you (break you)

Mama said be cool
Mama said she’ll take you for a fool
She’ll take you, and break you
You don’t fool me
You don’t fool me…

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