2013-02-08 Natal, Brazil / Secret Smile / Geheimes Lächeln / Sorriso Secreto / Sonrisa Secreta

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She has a contagious secret smile. No matter what the day has planned for me, my daughter’s secret smile will always make the World right again. It is powerful, magical and spiritual.

She is mine. This little girl is mine. This precious source of joy is all mine. She is my little baby Matilda, my light, my life. She is mine.

She is a little girl, so she believes that I hung up the sun and the moon for her. She takes my word solely because it is mine.

She comes to my defense when the World tells me I am not good enough, important enough or smart enough.

She trusts me. She believes in me. She smiles at me with her secret smile.

I have failed miserably at a million of things, but she is not among my failures.

One look at her, one secret smile of her and I know I have done something right in my life.

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