2013-03-10 Natal, Brazil / Sound of Silence / Geräusch der Stille / Som do Silêncio / Sonido de Silencio

The sound of silence is an infinite source of Love that transcended my life. The sound of silence is a sound that reflects the ever present connection of Love across space and time.

I did not seek the sound of silence, it just arose in the quiet of my mind. The sound of silence never leaves. The sound of silence is present.

The entire cosmos and all that exists in the cosmos, including Human beings, consists of sound vibrations, called Nāda.

Sound and music play a potential medium/intermediary role to achieve a deeper unity with the outer and inner cosmos. It is also employed to raise the level of Awareness of the energy centers, the chakras.

The Nāda divides music into two categories: internal music, Anahata, and external music, Ahata.

While the external music is conveyed to Consciousness via sensory organs in the form of the ears, in which mechanical energy is converted to electrochemical energy and then transformed in the brain to sensations of sound.

It is the anahata chakra, which is considered responsible for the reception of the internal music, but not in the way of a normal sensory organ.

The Anahata concept refers to one’s own personal sound vibrations, which are thought to be so closely associated with one’s Self and the Self that a person can not share their Anahata with another Human being.

In other words, this inner sound is sacred and once reached will open the practitioner’s chakras, which ultimately will unite the body to the divine.

With continued sounds, a focused mind and controlled breath, the individual can, according to Nāda, listen in on their own Anahata, their own inner sound, which can take up to nine different forms.

Such a process of inner Awareness and sensitivity leads to increased self-recollectedness and finally to awakening.

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