2013-12-20 Natal, Brazil / Brazil is Calling You / Brasilien ruft Dich / O Brasil está Chamando / Brasil esta Llamando

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I have always lived a life of adventure. I have always wanted to swim with dolphins and see the sunset from all corners of the World. I have always wanted to take in the fresh air and try every food I can not even pronounce.

I have always wanted to swim in the salty water of the seven seas and climb the highest mountain of the seven continents. I have always wanted to lie in the summer sun and feel snowflakes on my cheeks.

I have always wanted adrenaline pumping through my veins and feel my stomach drop when I free fall down on a roller coaster. I have always wanted to taste the sweetness of any wild fruit and stumble through the front door because I have had one to many to drink.

I have always wanted to live a dream and dream of the things I could not live. I have always wanted a full life, one that is exciting, promising, and satisfying.

Of all the wonderful things this World has to offer, and all the adventures I wanted to live, I already know now, you are one of my favorite.

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