2015-02-08 Natal, Brazil / Conquer the World / Erobere die Welt / Conquiste o Mundo / Conquista el Mundo

While you are growing up, the journey is more important than the destination. Practice whatever it is you are interested in and figure out problems on your own.

Do not act like an adult, be curious and ask questions. Learning from mistakes builds confidence and confidence is one of the greatest gifts I want to give you my baby Matilda.

Confidence in the virtual World is not the same as real World confidence.

Develop confidence in coping with a larger World. No matter how scary and different something seems, you can conquer it. Life is not fair. It is hard and you will have to learn that at some point.

Every road to success is filled with setbacks but when you do encounter hardships, enduring these challenges will increase your resilience.

Travel gives you the freedom of expression. Your adventure is the chance to unwind and have fun without judgement.

You will discover new interests and understand the values of happiness and experiencing moments to their fullest. By pursuing passions through travel you are growing more and more confident.

Everyone is different and so is the way in which to achieve confidence.

Whilst travel is exceptionally beneficial in building self-esteem, there are many other methods you can take to reach the same goal – no matter how you do it, never undermine the importance of your mental health.

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