2015-03-25 Pipa, Brazil / Black Sunrise / Schwarzer Sonnenaufgang / Nascer do sol Preto / Amanecer Negro

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There is a sunrise every day and it is free. Every sunrise gives you a new beginning, a new opportunity to enjoy life, think and reflect and embrace the people you love.

Be grateful for this new day.

Every new day is another chance to change your life. Every new day is the beginning of a new dream. Every new day is there to believe in yourself. Every new day is there for you to love and be loved.

Each morning the World awakens from the darkness to the rising sun. The sun brings with it another day, another opportunity, another chance for you to leave the darkness and enter into the light and allow the sun to warm you.

The rising sun brings hope and no matter how dark things may seem to you, there will always be light. If you are patient and endure the darkness, light always follows. Choose to see the light instead of remaining in the darkness.

Pipa is one of the most famous beaches of Brazil located next to city of Natal, the capital city of state of Rio Grande do Norte. The first maps of the coastline drawn by Portuguese settlers, refer to Pipa as Orotapiry, or “White man’s village”.

Pipa was a small fishing village until the 1970’s. Then it was discovered by surfers and backpackers, attracted by a set of natural attributes rarely found even in other Brazilian beaches.

After the Brazilians, it was the foreign visitors who discovered Pipa, which grew very fast. Soon, it became not only one of the most popular beaches in Brazil, but also one of the most cosmopolitan.

Today, many businesses in Pipa are run by foreigners who visited the town and decided to stay.

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