2015-04-16 Parnamirim, Brazil / My little Girl / Mein kleines Mädchen / Minha pequeña Menina / Mi pequeña Niña

You may not have my eyes or nose, but you absolutely have my sense of humor and in so many ways you are my little introverted me. Your laughter fills my heart with joy and your hugs make me feel better, make me feel special and loved. You are blessed, my little girl.

You are all that is good and right in the universe, my little girl. Your smile can light rooms, and your empathy and compassion are amazing for someone so small. You are the best gift I have ever been given. I will never stop being grateful for your presence in my life.

I know that you will find a way to make it in this World. I have no idea how, or what your passion will be, but I know that you are going to touch the lives of those you meet in different ways. I know that you are going to inspire Love and warmth wherever you go. Because you already do, my little girl.

No matter who you love, I will love them too, as long as they fill your heart with joy and treat you with the kindness you so deserve. I hope you will never close yourself off to Love, my little girl. I hope you will keep your heart open and remember how much good there is waiting in this World to find you.

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