2015-08-05 Natal – Sao Miguel de Gostoso / Discover Myself / Mich Erkennen / Descubra-me / Descubrirme

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The project Rio 2016 is to travel and discover the Latin American continent and document the journey with a diary and pictures during the last 365 days before the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

There are numerous reasons for this project; travel the Latin American continent and visit all countries, see the diverse nature of the Latin American continent, visit as much National Parks as possible, meet different, ancient and original culture, meet, challenge and discover myself, feel and live the global shift in Consciousness, help and support my project Consciousness.

Natal will be the start of my travel to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Following please find a written city list of the planned travel. The list does not include the National Parks, the historical sites of each country and does not include the sites of UNESCO world heritage sites planned to be visited.

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