2015-08-27 Paramaribo – Nieuw Nickerie

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My anxiety did not let me sleep well and I went back to resting. I decided to go back to the consulate to find out about the price of the ferry in order to withdraw enough money for gas, the ferry, fees and some drinks and some food for the day. The lady did a phone call and gave me the information of about 120 Surinam Dollars for the ferry. With that information I went to the bank; withdraw 200 Surinam Dollars and left Parmaraibo.

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The diversity and presence of all world religions is one of the impressions of this country that I will keep in my mind and memories. I have not yet encountered any Olympic spirit during my travel but definitely a religious spirit. All world religions would now accompany me during today’s drive and I would make various stops to enjoy the creativity and also feel the spirit.

Hindu temple

Apart from the spirits the nature did its part to make today’s drive again a memorable drive, the colors of the Hindu temples went into competition with the colors of the nature with no winner at the end except my eyes, the camera and my mind.


I was occupied to absorb everything at a normal speed and could have stopped every hundred meters as both manmade spiritual institutions as well as the wonders of nature offered you a panoramic impression worth to capture and remember.


I went straight to the ferry to inquire about the exact value of the ferry and the operating hours. The complex was fenced and well organized. I asked the responsible lady and the value from the lady from the consulate was confirmed. She even gave me all the scary information about the documents to be presented and again the insurance was my concern. I had all information and needed now a bank to withdraw the needed amount.

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Nieuw Nickerie is a small town and the center easy to locate and the banks were all lined up. I have to mention that both in the past and now I was never sure if my credit cards would be accepted or that I would have the necessary limit for the day. I had problems with the liberation of my Brazilian credit cards in the past. This worry was now mixed with the worry that local regulations of each of the banks would not allow you to withdraw. At the end I had to use the German credit card as my other two Brazilian cards did not work.


I went to the local hotel and had a drink in order to use the internet. I had a quick chat with a Dutch man who introduced himself and gave me some helpful tips for my visit to Guyana. I continued working until late to use the access that I had and uploaded several days of travel onto the site.

I found a nice, quiet, dark and secure location for the car and tried to sleep. After about half an hour a van drove by and after some flash light I heard voices speaking to me. I opened the window and the men introduced themselves as military police and were wondering why I was parking at the entrance of the local military police base. My answer was correct and straight forward, because it was secure. The hell, I did not know where I was, but the answer was correct and somehow accepted. I showed my passport and that was it. I could have stayed but I chose to go another kilometer for another spot and spent the night with some local stray dogs. They guaranteed my security for the night maybe even better than the military police could have. I am sure the police officers went for a sleep, my dogs did not.

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For a small understanding of the days travel, I have included a Google Earth map. The red pins mark the locations I have stopped and taken pictures. At the bottom of the page you will find a link for all the pictures I have taken. The link will open in a Google+ Album.

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2015-08-27 Paramaribo - Nieuw Nickerie

See map and distances / Siehe Karte und Entfernungen / Ver mapa e distâncias / Ver mapa y distancias

0 km                     Paramairbo

85 km                   Saramacca

120 km                 Sinnamary

220 km                 Nieuw Nickerie

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