2015-09-13 Boa Vista – Pacaraima

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Last night was the last night with air condition and more important without my baby Matilda again. We left for the airport at 21:30 for the flight at 23:30 to Manaus, Campinas and then in the morning back to Natal. One month without my baby Matilda and she had some new attitudes and some new behavior. She was now very much focused on her mother. I had my concerns during the first month of the project Rio 2016 and now I was very sure that if needed I had to cancel whatever project or job I might be doing in order to be there for my baby Matilda and do the best for her future and her education.


I checked out the Ferrari hotel and checked in the VW Polo hotel. My friend had a rest for a week and had to be ready for the next challenge, Venezuela. Today the drive was short and after arrival at the border I wanted to inquire about the immigration situation of my friend. I realized that the car had its benefits but at the same time needed attention and documents, insurance, maintenance and gas.


I went straight to the border to talk to the military and they referred me to the immigration next door which would open their doors only tomorrow. During the conversation with the military I explained my intentions to visit Venezuela and continue thereafter to Colombia. No. No. No. The borders had been closed by the president of Venezuela about two weeks ago in order to stop the illegal business with petrol. That was quite a shock to me and left me thinking the whole night.

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There was not really much more I could do on this Sunday and I spent most of the time in the internet outside a snack bar in order to understand the situation with Colombia and did research on the documents that will be needed for the legal entrance to Venezuela of the car. Basically six documents seemed to be necessary: passport, driver license, car registration, Brazilian traffic department authorization, car insurance and owner’s authorization. I had requested the Brazilian traffic department authorization from my staff and was waiting for the email.


I had rested now for a week and needed to rest again. As in previous situations I did not like the idea to go back the way I came; I had no problem with changing the route but from where I was the Amazon River and delta did not really offer too much of a change and left only going back. This time I would not have to go back all the way to Belem of course but I would have to go back to Manaus and then either try to take the boat to Iquitos or drive all the way to the state of Acre and the border with Peru and then go all the way back up again to Colombia. I had to be prepared and I was kind of already. The experience in the first month had educated me with this unfortunate possibility.

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For now, first of all I had to make it into Venezuela. I had made my mind up that in case the car would not make it, I would travel with the backpack and spend up to two month in Venezuela and hope for the president to make up his mind and negotiate with the Colombian president and open the border, at least for one day, at least for me.

For a small understanding of the days travel, I have included a Google Earth map. The red pins mark the locations I have stopped and taken pictures. At the bottom of the page you will find a link for all the pictures I have taken. The link will open in a Google+ Album.

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2015-09-13 Boa Vista - Pacaraima

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0 km                     Boa Vista

100 km                 Amajari

215 km                 Pacaraima

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