2015-09-21 Isla Margarita – Porlamar

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The whole night stayed at around 30 degrees and made it difficult to find sleep. I had to drive back to Chacopata and had to leave this beautiful desert behind. After an hour drive I arrived at the long term parking opposite the National Guard at Chacopata and I started to prepare my backpack for the first time. I wanted to take the notebook hoping the hotel area on the tourist destination the island of Margarita would offer Wifi. I did not have any luck with the Internet during the last week and desperately wanted to catch up with the upload onto the site. The back pack was kind of half full with the notebook and I added some clothes, a towel and the Hawaianas.


I locked the car and walked the 200 meters down to the port area to get my ticket first and I was last in a queue of about 150 people. You had to present your identification and an immigration assistant filled in the necessary details and handed out the ticket. This was done only for the incoming ferry for about 50 people. Then we had to wait for the ferry to leave the island of Margarita and the next 50 people were called and given their ticket. I waited a bit more than two hours to receive my ticket and walk down to the terminal and the waiting area.


Another half an hour later the ferry arrived and we made ourselves ready to go through immigration and to the ferry. A bit strange to everybody people from other boats who arrived later were called first and a lady close to me made her way to the authorities and asked for the reason of this. The reason was that our boat Johandra had problems with the motor and we had to wait another half an hour for this to be resolved. Finally we were called and the queue was divided into men and women. Last but not least everybody was sked to leave the luggage at 50 Bolivares with the crew to store them at the front of the ferry. Done and we could get on board, women first, men last.

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I decided to give up my seat and stay at the front of the boat at the only open door and enjoy the wind, the sea and the view. The trip would last for about an hour and reminded me of a boat trip to the Spanish island of Mallorca. The hour passed and we arrived at the port of the island of Margarita, Porlamar. We were handed the luggage and had to go through immigration again. Still with my camera in my hands the assistant told me to take a taxi to my final destination as the immediate port area is not a secure area and known for assaults.


I had given it a good thought but there was no taxi outside instead a military base next door and I made my way along the wall to the entrance and from the entrance to the next street and into a bakery. I was thirsty and hungry and had an orange juice and a pizza. I made my way to the next street and to the main square, plaza Bolivar. It was getting late and the sunset started. I had to make up my mind if I wanted to leave the city and find a place to sleep outside the city or if I wanted to inquire about hotel prices and stay a night in a hotel ideally with Internet. I asked at the first hotel and it was fully occupied, I asked the second and it did not have internet. It was the turn for my lifelong lucky number three and I was lucky again. The hotel was clean, cheap, with air condition and had a room available with Wifi. I worked until close to midnight, switched up and down the 100 channels and watched the news for a while before falling asleep.

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For a small understanding of the island of Margarita, I have included a Google Earth map. The red pins mark the locations I have stopped and taken pictures.

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2015-09-21 Isla Margarita

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