2015-09-24 Araya – Mochima

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I left the door to the bathroom open and could regulate the temperature this way to a very comfortable level and had a good sleep in my refrigerator. I went down to reception and worked until the last minute before checking out. I walked straight down to the port and bought my ticket for the ferry Pelikan at 14:00. This meant I had to wait for about two hours at least. The waiting area was crowded as passengers for the next two to three ships were already waiting. It was not much of an excitement waiting for two hours and actually the closer we came to 14:00 it became clear that the ferry would arrive and leave with delay.

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The whole procedure started after the last passenger of the incoming Pelikan had left the gates of the immigration staff.  All names were printed on a list and name by name was called to appear and present passport, ticket and tax slip. From the waiting area I walked five meters to the immigration officer to show my backpack and from there 5 meters to the Nacional Guard officer to look him straight into the eyes for him to see in the depth of the soul if you are a criminal or a simple German tourist. I passed as a simple German tourist and walked to the ferry, queued up, men left and women right.

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People with lots of luggage hired carriage staff and a woman suddenly started a loud fight with one of the crew members about her carriage man. She continued and continued and she continued the whole hour of the drive and did not stop. Whereas everybody else was trying to close the eyes and get some rest she screamed and laughed exaggerated to provoke the crew member. I was surprised that neither the captain nor any other passenger interfered and asked the woman to slow down or stop. It had to be the simple German tourist who was fed up by the annoying screaming of the woman. She did not reply to me and did not start a fight with me either. It was quite for just five minutes and she started again looking for supporters and she found two other women joining in the exaggerating laughter.



The ferry arrived late afternoon which saved me the procedure at arrival as all staff, immigration and National Guard had already gone home. I went to the parking and took all my stuff out of the backpack and back into the car and drove off. I drove just a little bit more along the coast into the sunset and then inland back into the rainforest. I left the peninsula and headed towards Caracas. Just about with the last bit of light I arrived at the small fisher village of Mochima in the National Park with the same name and parked between several cars right in the center of the village on the main square. I went for a small walk to buy a drink and let the time pass by for the majority of the inhabitants to go to bed. I then sneaked to my car and went to my bed.

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For a small understanding of the days travel, I have included a Google Earth map. The red pins mark the locations I have stopped and taken pictures. At the bottom of the page you will find a link for all the pictures I have taken. The link will open in a Google+ Album.

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2015-09-24 Araya - Mochima

See map and distances / Siehe Karte und Entfernungen / Ver mapa e distâncias / Ver mapa y distancias

0 km                     Araya

70 km                   Chacopata

125 km                 Cariaco

190 km                 Cumana

235 km                Mochima

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