2015-09-29 Maiquetia – Tucacas

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Finally on my third day the security of the long term parking came to my car this morning and wanted to control the car. Last night the parking suffered a black out, it was completely dark and I had left the windows a bit open to have fresh air. He kindly asked me to leave the car or leave with the car and explained to me at the same time that due to the black out the gates are open and no fees would be charged. I mean 250 Bolivares per 24 hours was very little money but free was even less. I accepted to leave and was curious about one of today’s destiny, a German colony in a hidden valley in the mountains about 60 km west of Caracas.


The drive towards the hidden colony was extremely curvy and I drove high into the mountains to reach more or less 2000 meters above sea level and to reach a temperature of just above 17 degrees. After about two hours I arrived at the entrance of the colony and made a stop at the gas station. I had seen pictures on the internet but was still surprised to see the typical southern German architecture and typical facades of the white houses with the black wooden beams. The only difference to the original was that the black wooden beams here in the Venezuela version were not of wood but simply painted.

Colonia Tovar

I am sure that at one point in the early days the colony was an agricultural colony and lived isolated in the valley selling their products once a month to the nearby capitol. Today it was very obvious that the city lived more of tourism, almost every house was offering accommodation and the restaurants offering original food which was basically own produced beer, sausages, strawberry marmalade and strawberry with whipped cream. I went to the busiest bakery but could not really identify original products. I wanted to try as original as possible and had a hot chocolate and a ham and cheese baguette.


I was amazed without a doubt and understood one more time that the image of Bavaria or southern Germany sells well around the world, as a historically grown colony as well as in newly built theme parks like Disneyland or as a full copy, as a complete city in China. I am not from Bavaria but the atmosphere here, the mountains, the temperature and the buildings made it very original and I could easily identify myself with the area and felt a little bit in Germany. I was not very hopeful to really find an original lunch dish and decided to continue and leave little Germany.

Colonia Tovar

The mountain drive was very scenic, very curvy and very dangerous. You had to break with both the motor and the breaks to make it safely down and into a side valley which would bring me to the main valley connecting Caracas with Valencia.


I reached the motorway and had to make a stop at one of the old toll stations which now serve either for the National Guard or for the police to do their controls. I met a stressed police officer who was looking for something wrong and thought he had found it in a missing document which he insisted was the doctor’s certificate. I insisted that he was wrong and he felt quite insulted. I was tired after nearly 200 check points to now give in and excuse myself or even offer money. He was wrong and he sneaked away without saying anything. For a moment I was not sure if he had released me, I did not care anymore and I released myself and drove off. I arrived at the National Park Morrocoy, the city of Tucacas and drove to the parking of the local hospital, safe and with emergency staff onsite.

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For a small understanding of the days travel, I have included a Google Earth map. The red pins mark the locations I have stopped and taken pictures. At the bottom of the page you will find a link for all the pictures I have taken. The link will open in a Google+ Album.

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2015-09-29 Maiquetia - Morrocoy

See map and distances / Siehe Karte und Entfernungen / Ver mapa e distâncias / Ver mapa y distancias

0 km                     Maiquetia

65 km                   Colonia Tovar

100 km                 La Victoria

135 km                 Maracay

210 km                 Puerto Cabello

265 km                 Tucacas

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