2015-10-04 Maracaibo

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The night at the airport was hot and I had to risk starting the car and turning the air condition on and maybe calling the security. The airport of Maracaibo was not with such a heavy security as the airport in Caracas and I was lucky and had a cool night in my car. It was Sunday today and I could have used the day to go back to Maracaibo and visit places I had not seen the day before but I decided to continue working on the site and stay at the airport.


The day would not create any interesting pictures or any interesting story; I would basically play Tom Hanks in the movie Terminal. I worked until lunch time and decided to have a warm full lunch today. I went for a rather hidden restaurant and ordered the lunch meal, white rice with roasted meat, coal slaw and areppa, including soup and a drink at 670 Bolivares or at 4,50 Reales or at Euro 1,50. The man at register was curious about my accent and I felt honored when he asked me if I would be Spanish. He introduced himself as Spaniard from Galicia and I introduced myself as German from Brazil.


We had small talk and I was surprised to suddenly see a television around the corner showing the football game Bayern Munich against Borussia Dortmund from the German Bundesliga. I really enjoyed my lunch watching television with a live football game; I had hot chicken soup to start with and the coal slaw as second starter, I had my Pepsi and the main course. The food was a lot and good, especially the roast with dark black gravy was delicious and reminded me of my grandmother’s roast she used to do so well on Sunday’s.


I stayed in the restaurant to watch the game to the end and was even given the present of watching a resume of my home team who after a five game losing streak had come back now to a three game winning streak. What better desert could I have had than this? The restaurant was quite busy and I had to make place for a family of four and go back to my work.

The airport was small for being the airport of the second largest city of Venezuela. The benefit for me was that the airport had plenty of plugs for recharging the batteries or simple stay connected. Now that the airport was my second home by now I knew all plugs and had chosen the one that was right next to a bench. My home was my office and my place was a comfortable and quite bench a bit away from the noisy and busy airline counters.

I had all afternoon to try to catch up a little bit with the site and family and friends. I would stay one more night at the airport before tomorrow I would try to get as close to the border as possible and hope to speak to the authorities about the actual situation and the actual exceptions, if there were any. The airport slowed down significantly with sunset, so did my energy to work and I went for an early sleep in order to be fresh tomorrow for the day’s drive and the officials.

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