2015-10-10 Merida

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This morning I went straight to the cyber to know if they are open. They were and I parked close enough to have a good signal, left the car running to have air condition and started to work. I had to catch up with the pictures, the writing and the uploading onto the site. I had a chat as well with family in Europe and my baby Matilda. I worked up to lunch time and then drove to the center to the square of the heroes. I had my snack place for the night at the hospital and have become a regular by now and I had my bakery close to the square of the heroes for brunch or lunch; I had a slice of pizza and an orange juice.


I had seen one last corner in the city that I had passed with the car but not visited by foot. I walked passed the main square and had a homemade ice cream for the walk. The last corner actually was just another square with a historical statue in the center and a water fountain. I had seen now all squares in the city and in all the other cities and the concept of all of them was identical. If not the liberator Simon Bolivar was the person on the statue it was one of the other patriots of the war of the liberation from the Spanish colony, one horizontal and vertical walkway and two diagonal walkways. The only difference was the vegetation or the plants on the individual squares which depended basically on the climate and the vegetation.


I headed back to the square of the heroes and entered the visitor center of the teleferico. The whole station was newly built with the latest technology and construction material. The visitor center offered three exhibitions, the first about the history of the teleferico, the second about the vegetation at the different levels of the stations and the third about the technical specifications. The station was very well designed and had all necessary infrastructures for the future tourists, information desk, medical office, bathrooms, shops, waiting areas and ticket offices. As much as I liked the information on display I wanted to use the cabin to go up to the first, the second, the third and the fourth station to experience the drive, the change in temperature and vegetation and the impact of the air and the pressure.


I had no more plans for today and went back to the parking in front of the cyber to continue working and study the news in the world and the news at the border between Venezuela and Colombia. Last week the respective secretaries of the both countries had meetings, reassured their positive intentions but did not indicate a date for the reopening of the border. I had to get used to change my initial route and go back to Brazil, back to the city of Pacaraima where I had entered the country. I still had time to wait for my miracle but the reality of a possible change of route gained more and more space in my mind.


I did not want to change my dinner for tonight and went to my friends at the snack bar and had my hamburger. The special hamburger included a boiled egg and fries and was almost impossible to bite due to the enormous size. I asked to put the fries besides the burger and had now my complete menu.

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