2015-10-17 Tucacas – Chichiriviche

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I wanted to work in the morning in my office to update the site and start working on an alternative route for the project. I was always watching with one eye the German Bundesliga though and my home team playing live. I liked the idea to take a ferry in Manaus and spend some time on the river Amazon heading towards the border with Colombia and Peru. I could get off in St. Leticia in Colombia or continue to Iquitos in Peru. Either way, I would than head north from each destination and catch up again with the initial route. I could not take the car with the ferry and was thinking to give my friend a rest in Boa Vista at the Volkswagen dealer, wait for my return, have a revision done and then continue again towards the south and of course to the Olympic Games 2016 and Rio de Janeiro. I am flexible, so is my car.

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I stayed in my office until almost 14:00 and went again to the bakery to have a slice of pizza. From here I drove slowly towards the village of Chichiviriche. Half way was another entrance to the Nacional Park Morrocoy and I just wanted to drive the fourteen kilometers to the end of the road to also get to know this part. Along the road were various ports, starting point to go to the islands with one of the small motor taxi boats as well as home to private motor boats and sail boats. Apart from the ports, this part of the Park did not offer any drive into the mangroves or offer any access to a beach.

Agua Salobre

At the end of the road was just a tiny village with its church and I went back to the main road and headed for Chichiviriche. I just had enough time before sunset to get familiar with the village and to understand the procedure and the prices for the motor taxis for the different islands.

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I waited some time at the main starting point for the motor taxis and was surprised about the amount of boats going back and forth. Opposite the city but still very close were two of the islands which were extremely busy. I thought to start tomorrow with one of these two islands for a start as they also were quite cheap to reach.

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The hospital was not an option for tonight as they did not have an enclosed parking and the location as well was in a distant part of the village, which looked already a little bit rough to me and had no street light. My best option was a posada on the main street which had some cars parked already in front of the entrance and was not too far from the military police.

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