2015-10-24 Tucacas

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I woke up, drove to the main street, had a drink and went to the National Park Morrocoy to my favorite spot and had my morning bath for half an hour. Today I was not the first car to enter and my favorite place was probably the best place inside the Park and pretty desired, so I had straight away several neighbors. The advantage of all beaches within the Park was that you could enter the Park with your car and drive all the way to the beach. This allowed the visitors to bring everything they wanted; a day at the beach was basically a picnic at the beach.


Your chair, your sunbed, your umbrella, your cooler with beer and another for water, your grill and your food including all plates and ironware, your toys and last but not least your own personal favorite music, the louder the better. Today it would get full and I preferred to spend the time in the cyber and do some catching up.


I had my exclusive desk; nobody else except me needed a cable. The battery of my notebook was dying. I knew that from the day I had left on august 5th. During the last two month the time for the loaded battery had dropped from 60 minutes now to 40 minutes. The server of the cyber had a blackout, the energy of the neighborhood had a blackout, both on my son’s birthday and now it was time for the battery to have a blackout. It was worse, the battery had died. Working with the notebook and the internet had been difficult all the time, now it would be even more of a challenge. At my cyber here in Tucacas this was not a problem but in the future in other location it will be; one more issue that I had to resolve in Brazil.


It became very clear that for the future of the project I would first have to go back to Brazil. The border was still closed anyway, I needed money, the car would need a revision in about one month and now the notebook needed a new battery. No unnecessary thinking anymore of going back or forth to the Colombian border, the accumulation of necessities did not leave me an option anymore. I had settled for the idea and I liked the challenge of looking for a new route.


I left the cyber just before closing time and went back to the Park. Late afternoon was the best time to watch the birds and I spent the final hour of the opening time of the Park looking for them. Early in the morning was even better but the Park only opened at 08:00 when the birds already had breakfast. I had been at the various islands and beaches during the last days and had understood that the Park is basically and exclusively used for beach tourists and not for biologists to observer the mangroves or the wildlife.


I had lost my battery today and was a little bit sad about it. I have had enough slices of pizza and did not want another. I was walking up and down the main street indecisive of what to have for dinner tonight. At the entrance of the main street at the snack bar where I used to buy my drinks, orange juice or 7up, I spotted a Shawarma grill for the first time. My mood changed immediately and I ordered one with chicken and beef meat. While I was waiting the smell of the grilled meat reached my desk and my joy increased. Just a minute later I received my portion and the taste was even better than the smell.

Late night was the best time to watch the birds and I spent the final hour of the day looking for them.

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