2015-10-26 Tucacas

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I went to the docks of Tucacas this morning and was quite hopeful to get to an island, especially after I had met a family with two children already waiting on the bench. I was even more hopeful when I saw that they were packed for a day at the beach. I was convinced that I would go to one of the islands after the father replied to me that they were going to the beach. We waited for thirty minutes and a boat turned up and landed right in front of us. The boy climbed onto the boat and started talking to the older driver. I became a little suspicious and asked the driver if he would go to the beach and come back. He answered that he would be going to the beach but that he would not come back. They were all family and the father and I; we had a small misunderstanding in our conversation.

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Nobody else had turned up and my hopes vanished completely. I decided to go the cyber; I still had to catch up with a lot of work. I walked up but my girlfriend looked with sad eyes and told me that the server was down. I walked up and down the main street, had a drink here and a cheese stick for breakfast there. I walked back to the cyber and just the look of my girlfriend said no. I walked up and down the main street one more time, had a drink here and an ice cream there. I parked the car now on the opposite side of the street with a good view to the cyber. I could see the entrance on the second floor and could tell by the children who entered the cyber and came back instantly that the server was still down.


I left the car for lunch, walked up and down the main street and decided for two Colombia potatoes and two 7up.


I went back to the car and observed the entrance of the cyber and the children walking in and coming back out. The server was still down.


Today was a bewitched day. I worked a bit in the car and the cyber closed the doors; the server would not come back today. This was a very clear action of the owner of the cyber to transmit to me and to everybody that the server was down. He was fed up to tell this to hundreds of teenagers. I did not really believe that this would happen for a full day. I have had no problems for almost two weeks and now I was surprised. I was surprised as well about my appetite today and tonight.


I decided to spend the savings from the cyber in a portion of Shawrma. I have had a warm lunch and warm dinner today and was pretty full. I went to my parking at the hospital and about five hundred people were waiting outside the emergency entrance and on the parking. I asked my neighbor and he told me that one of the motor taxi boat drivers had an accident with his car and had died. He was very well known and popular and the people were now waiting for the body to be released.

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