2015-11-20 Mount Roraima

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I had to recover somehow, that had been the plan for yesterday afternoon and yesterday night and it would be the plan for today and tonight. I had fever all night, I was cold all night and I did not recover all right. I was feeling equally weak, feeling equally ill and feeling equally cold. I did not want to get up, I had to recover somehow. I had to cancel the group trip to the political and geographical landmark “triple border” Venezuela – Brazil – Guyana this morning. I had to recover somehow, the only plan for today.

I fell asleep, woke up, fell asleep, woke up, fell asleep and woke up.


I heard the group coming back one by one but my weak feeling of time told me that the whole day had not passed yet. My fever had not passed either, my feet were still cold and I was getting smaller and smaller inside my sleeping bag. I was feeling ill, was feeling weak but my mind was convinced that I would make it down to the camp tomorrow. I focused on tomorrow; I focused on the first difficult part and was convinced that I would make it down to the camp tomorrow. I was sure that downhill was half the effort, half the physical strength, half the mental will power and I was hoping for favorable weather, no rain, no sunshine, a cloudy and grey day with a fresh and cool wind.


Juan came to ask for my condition and I told him that I was feeling physically miserable and ill with fever but mentally strong and with the hope to recover just enough to make it to the camp. He offered to prepare me a hot soup and I accepted. I have had enough water during the day and could use some hot drink. Fifteen minutes later he came back and offered me a cup of soup with. The heat of the cup entered my hands and the heat of the soup entered my body. It was a good feeling and I held on to it as long as I could. I was still strict with myself and my diet and did not eat the noodles.


The group had not reached the landmark “triple border”; they had left in the morning but had been back just two hours later, the weather was too bad, rainy, grey with little visibility. The walk of eight kilometers usually takes the whole day and maybe, just maybe one or the other was exhausted as well. I had not missed anything today, had not missed a long walk to a simple white stone mark which represented the “triple border” Venezuela – Brazil – Guyana, but we all had missed ou on …


I had to recover somehow, that was the plan for tonight.

I had to recover somehow, …

I had to recover somehow, …

Mount Roraima

Group Gregory

Operator – Gregory

Guide – Omar

Cook – Cleidymar

Cook – Keila

Carrier – Julian

Carrier – Jesus

Doc McCoy – Alejandro Izaguirre

Chekov – Yanjos Ave

Uhura – Maria Jose Lopez

Rammstein – Omar Rivas

Dreamcatcher – Joselyn Godoy

Photographer – Gianfranco di Campo

Journalist – Mariolga Gomez

Ecuador – Juan

Belgium – Sylvie

Guacharaca – Claudia Valenzuela

Guacharaca – Yolanda di Sevo

Guacharaca – Yuli Viloria

Gringo – AlexK

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