2015-11-26 Boa Vista – Manaus

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Overnight my batteries had recharged and were back at 75%. I went straight to the Volkswagen dealer to speak to the manager. He had not arrived yet and I had time to sit in the waiting room and connect to the internet. I wanted to have a look at the possibility to fly from Manaus to Natal to visit my baby Matilda, a birthday surprise visit. I was thirsty and walked quickly to the nearby hospital and had a Maracuja juice at the same snack bar from two month ago. Back again the manager had arrived and we sat down in his office, 300 Reales per month for the long term parking, 450 Reales for the revision plus the price for all necessary replacements of broken or wasted parts so my friend will be ready again for the next 10.000 kilometers.


I was thirsty again, Boa Vista was extremely hot and I walked to the hospital and had another Maracuja juice at my snack bar. I drove to the airport; I wanted to know their price for the long term parking, 250 Reales per month. I had a reference and I had my preference, the Volkswagen dealer; the parking at their office seemed to me slightly more secure than the parking at the airport. I went to the gas station to fill up the tank just a bit; driving had been limited by the 50 kilometer allowance but I had the air condition running all day while I was in front of the Volkswagen dealer using the Wifi. My research for a flight from Manaus to Natal was concluded and the best option was to take the bus from Boa Vista to Manaus tonight, take the plane from Manaus to Fortaleza tomorrow, stay for two days with my friend Thierry and finally take the bus from Fortaleza to Natal and stay two weeks with my baby. Three is my lucky number and so I walked to the hospital for the third time and had my third Maracuja juice at the snack bar.


I had made my mind up and booked the flight. My batteries were immediately fully recharged and back at 100%. The car would have a three month rest and I would see my baby Matilda. After two weeks with my baby Matilda I would come back to Manaus and take a ferry on the Amazon River to the border Brazil/Colombia/Peru. During the journey on the Amazon River for a week or at my stay at the border for a couple of days I would then make up my mind and continue either by boat to Iquitos and then to Yurimaguas or by plane to Bogota.

Boa Vista

I had lunch at the self service restaurant and had the first complete meal; actually half the plate only at half the price only. While I was on my adventure on Mount Roraima I had received a Skype message that my baby Matilda was asking for me daily. I was back at Perin, the Volkswagen dealer and connected to the internet, spoke to the family in Europe and then to my baby Matilda. Just a few more days and we would spend the day’s and the night’s together, sleep and wake up together, play and eat together, laugh and cry together, work and rest together and hug each other, yes, I wanted a hug, a big, big, big hug.


I drove to the bus terminal to buy the ticket but a blackout had cut off all computers. I could still inquire though; five different operators had a tour for tonight, all at the same price and with plenty of availability. It was time now to prepare my backpack and deliver my friend to Volkswagen Perin; we had agreed the delivery for the latest possible time at 16:45 hours. They offered the service to drive me to the bus terminal and I accepted. I had to wait for nearly one hour for the Amarok to arrive and take me and my backpack. Electricity was back and I bought my ticket for the bus at 21:00 hours.


For a small understanding of the days travel, I have included a Google Earth map. The red pins mark the locations I have stopped and taken pictures. At the bottom of the page you will find a link for all the pictures I have taken. The link will open in a Picasa album. At the top left of this Picasa album you will find the button for a Slideshow.

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2015-11-26 Boa Vista - Manaus

See map and distances / Siehe Karte und Entfernungen / Ver mapa e distâncias / Ver mapa y distancias

0 km                     Boa Vista

145 km                 Caracarai

300 km                 Rorainopolis

650 km                 Presidente Figueiredo

780 km                 Manaus

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