2015-12-12 Natal, Brazil / Learning is Life / Lernen ist Leben / Aprender é Vida / Aprender es Vida

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Learning is life. You learn from living, you learn from doing, you learn from making and most of all you learn from interacting with others.

You learn from nature, you learn from people, you learn from difficult experiences and above all, you learn from your mistakes and failures.

Develop a deep passion for learning. It is not about what you will learn, it is about knowing that you can learn, anything you want.

The adventure of life is to learn.

The goal of life is to grow.

The nature of life is to change.

The challenge of life is to overcome.

The essence of life is to care.

The secret of life is to dare.

The beauty of life is to give.

The joy of life is to love!

William Arthur Ward

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