2015-12-28 Ibiza, Spain / Infinity / Unendlichkeit / Infinidade / Infinito

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Infinity (symbol ) is a concept describing something without any bound or larger than any natural number. In ethics infinity plays an important role designating that which cannot be defined or reduced to knowledge or power.

In Jainism, the concept of jiva (soul) is understood to have four infinities: knowledge, intuition, potency, happiness. The infinities are personally attained by the elimination of four types of negatively affecting kharma, this personal state is known as the embodied liberation, the first of three successive states of liberation.

‘Infinity’, is a song by British acid house musician Guru Josh. In 1988, Guru Josh tried ecstasy for the first time at a London pub, subsequently switching from rock to house music.

In 1989, Guru Josh released Infinity originally produced for a friend of Guru Josh’s who was organising a warehouse party of the same name. The song achieved success in Europe, especially in Germany, the UK, Portugal and Austria.

Following the success of ‘Infinity’, Guru Josh travelled around Europe DJing at dance parties, moved to Ibiza in Spain concentrating on art and running a promotions company.

He also bought an apartment in Barcelona and in 2008, Infinity was re-released and experienced widespread success again. In 2011 he released ‘Love of Life’ and in 2012 a remix of the 1989 original of ‘Infinity’ called ‘Infinity 2012’.

Guru Josh died on 28 December 2015 at the age of 51. His death was ruled as suicide. He was found by his manager thought he was picking him up to take him to the airport heading home to see his father.

Associates said he had been suffering from drug and alcohol addictions, as well as depression following a break-up with his girlfriend. He had troubles with her and she walked out on him over Christmas.

Yes the industry has changed, a lot of paid hype, false hits, chart buy ins, social network fake likes – buy to be popular has messed up the scene completely. Now crap tunes can get into the charts on false data alone.

Positive, Infinity 145 million illegally downloaded, that got my name out and did results in 12 million legal sales, 9 million ring tones, 986 compilations and 1.4 billion Youtube hits, so theft of my track has some good benefits.

Hey the World changes you just have to find a way to move with it.

Farewell, Guru Josh. Rest easy and never stop dancing. Thanks for your legacy.

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