2015-12-31 Leticia

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The noise of the traffic woke me up this morning and I walked just a little bit and was back at the airport. I had a problem with the battery of my camera. The battery recharged very slow, about two hours and got empty very quick, after about six hours. I needed access to a plug for the next couple of days to find out exactly. In case the battery would give up on me completely I had a serious problem. I had to search the internet for a replacement. The airport had its daily routine, two flights, one from the airline LAN to Bogota at 11:30 hours and one more from the airline Avianca to Bogota at 14:00 hours. In the high season maybe one more flight at 00:30 hours, a charter from “Selwatravel” with the airline Avianca. I recharged the batteries for the camera and the GoPro and connected the computer to work on the pictures and on the diary. This morning the Italian boy from the Voyager V came to the airport to look for a ticket, he wanted to spend a week or two in Medellin and then a week or two in Santa Marta. Half an hour later he had his ticket, we had a small talk and maybe see each other tonight for New Year’s Eve.

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Today was the day of the German tourists at the airport. The first flight from LAN had a group of three and a couple. I became curious and spoke to the group of three. They were from Freiburg, had just finished school and had decided to travel Colombia and Peru. During a stay in one of the hostels they were told about Leticia and had decided to the Amazon. The second flight from Avianca had another group of three, a couple and a group of six. I was still curious and spoke to the group of six. They were from Cologne and one of the girls had been on a medicine student exchange program in Medellin. The semester had ended, her friends had come to visit her and they all had combined the stay in Medellin with a roundtrip through Colombia including a visit to the Amazon. No more flights and no more Germans.

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I have had enough of the airport, all batteries were recharged and I went to the center of Leticia, to the main square with the church, the town hall, the police station, the head office of the Amazon brigade and a nice park with lots of trees, a water basin and a football pitch. I bought some sweets at kiosk. I left but the man shouted after me. He had seen my camera and recommended taking pictures of the arrival of the loro’s to the trees of the park at sunset.

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I walked through the park, had a total of three ice creams and noticed that tourists were arriving in groups with local guide. I listened to the presentation of one of the guides but the noise of the first hundred loro’s interrupted his speech.


Out of nowhere hundred more and fifty more and hundred more and more and more and suddenly the whole square was home to one or two thousand loro’s. The noise was intense but natural. Some tourists climbed the church tower to have a different view of this daily spectacle, the last for the year 2015.

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The loro’s had dinner for the two hours but then became more and more silent. The noise of the traffic took over again. I was hungry, followed the smell of grilled meat, walked to the nearby auditorium, along the main street and tried two different local snacks.


I was tired and walked back to the airport; I was not sure if just for an hour rest or for the whole night. It was New Year’s Eve, the airport was closed, no charter tonight. I sat down on the bench outside and the last staff of the airport was leaving. The lady wanted to do the last good thing of this year, she talked to the security, the security to the supervisor, the supervisor to the director of the airport and I was back at my airport bench. Happy New Year’s Eve.

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