2016-02-24 Boa Vista

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We all slept up to the last minute, the last hour, actually until midday; no hangover but just joy to be able to stay in bed or in the hammock and let the day develop. My friends had decided to stay one more day and really enjoy that free day. It was delivery day for the restaurant and several companies arrived with deliveries; the truck with the refrigerators was unfortunately too late, the owner had just left, that was my chance to talk to the driver and ask for a lift to the shopping ‘Patio Boa Vista’. Another fever wave helped me to convince the driver to take the sick Gringo to the shopping. From bus station outside the shopping, I could take the bus to the terminal and then walk to wherever I wanted to go.

Boa Vista

Today I wanted to go to the public library and connect myself with the world, the World Wide Web. I still had to organize my economic and my legal life, ask my queen to send money via Western Union to Victor, cancel the credit and debit card from the company account and ask my office for any kind of copy of my documents. The main news of the last days were the elections for the democratic and the republican presidential candidate for the election in the USA. The main character of the Republican Party was Donald Trump, businessman and not politician and that was the great benefit of the moment. American voters were fed up with the establishment, the Washington politicians and allowed a clown-like actor, an aggressive nationalist to enter the public stage and deliver a weird and sometimes dangerous act. This is America, God bless America.


I went to see Victor, we had agreed to discuss the quote for the revision but we postponed everything to Monday.  I had received the e-mail from Western Union with the transfer code and wanted to confirm with TC Cash Exchange the liberation of the money. No information on the money transfer with the newly issued documents from the Tabatinga Federal police nor the not authenticated copies of my passport or my driver license. Information, I did not want to have the money. Actually one question “Did the money arrive”. They did not show the slightest sensibility or flexibility to understand a person’s situation and help, simply help. I was angry. I wanted to take the earlier bus and walk to the Balneario and went to the bus terminal. Bus number 206 was going to the shopping ‘Patio Boa Vista’ and I jumped on.


I wanted to test my luck and hitchhike the last 2 kilometers from the shopping to the Balneario but Boa Vista was not ready for me or I was too late for Boa Vista; after 1 hour trying I decided to walk and arrived just before total darkness. My friends were ready for the short drive to the border tomorrow and the challenges to cross the border and the challenges of Venezuela. Claudio and Irene were thinking to climb Mount Roraima and I told them about my experience, everything that I knew and left them with all the contact details of the group Gregory. I was sure that they are going to enjoy Venezuela, the nature of the Gran Sabana, the beaches of the Caribbean and the mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

Boa Vista

The Balneario had been a perfect place, a perfect home for all, good memories, good birthday party, good BBQ, good music, good vibrations and good sleep, tonight was no different. I had luck with the weather so far and did not have to move place due to rain, my place between the trees was perfect, perfect distance between the tress for the hammock, perfect roof underneath the branches and perfect distance to the vans, the restaurant and the river.

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