2016-05-15 Natal – Iate Clube

I had to go to Natal more and more often, more than I had wanted to but at the same time, I spent more and more time with my baby Matilda more than I had expected or wished for. I had a serious client and wanted my sailing professor Alexandre and the sailor-mechanic-carpenter Walmir to speak to the client and answer all his questions. They knew my sailing boat better than I did, they spoke better Portuguese than I did and they wanted to earn a small commission.

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For my baby Matilda today was another swimming pool day, in and out and in and out and in and out. I had promised to pick up Nana, the wife of my friend Sergio and Ailina, their daughter after lunch, to go to the ‘Parque das Dunas’. Nana was a week ahead of giving birth to their second child and she wanted to have a change in her daily routine. The girls were extremely excited and did not know where to start, where to go next or how to pose best so that I could take pictures.



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