2016-07-17 Salvador

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Already yesterday, Alexandre had been complaining about the shifts and had been complaining about having had the worse shift of the early morning shifts, the time from 00:00 hours to 03:00 hours. I had understood already yesterday what he was actually aiming at, sleep and so I had been so kind again last night to change the hours of the shift and took control from 01:30 hours to 05:30 hours so he could get his well-needed sleep.


Slowly but surely were arriving in Salvador and with a little bit of luck and a little bit of wind we would be arriving late afternoon, early evening or night. Actually, by late afternoon we passed the light tower and entered in the Bahia of Salvador, passed the Iate Clube, passed the fancy residential towers, passed innumerous commercial ships anchoring in the bay and sailed into the sunset and towards Aratu, towards the end of the bay.


The sunset was spectacular, the colors incredible and then it was dark and we had to sail into a very narrow side arm to enter the small bay of Aratu. Alexandre had left this extremely difficult part to me and I had to use the motor to pass this critical passage, which seemed to never end. Without the GPS and the red and green lights impossible. We arrived at the Iate Clube of Aaratu, needed the help of the sailor on shift to find our parking for the night and were tired. We had still time and definitely hunger to walk to the small center and order a pizza before we went for our well-deserved sleep. Adventure accomplished, delivery still pending.


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