2016-09-23 New York, USA / A better future for all Children / Eine bessere Zukunft für alle Kinder / Um futuro melhor para todas as Crianças / Un futuro mejor para todos los Niños

UNICEF launched the World version of John Lennon’s classic song ‘Imagine’ today. This World version of Imagine shines a spotlight on the 28 million children around the World who have been driven from their homes due to conflict. The video was previewed to World leaders at the United Nations Summit on Migrants and Refugees in the UN General Hall earlier this week.

Imagine the potential of 1 billion children. If Africa steps up it’s investments in children and youth, transforms it’s education systems and empowers women and girls to participate fully in community, workplace and political life, it will be able to reap faster, deeper and longer dividends from its demographic transition.

If Africa is to keep pace with an unprecedented demographic transition – African’s under-18 population will reach 750 million by 2030 and 1 billion by 2055. Investing in health, protection, and education must become an absolute priority for Africa.

11 million education and health personnel, 5.6 million new health workers and 5.8 million new teachers, will be needed to keep pace with the projected unprecedented population growth of children in Africa – an increase of 170 million children.

Get it right, and we set the foundation for a demographic dividend, which could lift hundreds of millions out of extreme poverty, and contribute to enhanced prosperity, stability, and peace.

Ensure the right to protection from violence, exploitation, child marriage and abuse; remove barriers preventing women and girls from participating fully in community, workplace and political life; and enhance access to reproductive health services.

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