2019-09-09 Natal, Brazil / Thanks for the Life / Danke für das Leben / Obrigado pela Vida / Gracias por la Vida

Thanks for the life lessons. For every time you preached them, and I let it go in one ear and out the other. I remembered them when it was critical.

For the kick in the ass when I deserved it, which was most of the time. If I know how to get through life, it is from you. If I know who to depend on, it is you.

Thanks for not letting me off easy. For holding me accountable, even when it was difficult for both of us. For not bailing me out, and letting me find my own way.

For yelling at me and pushing me even when I hated you for it. If I know how to fall down nine times but get back up ten it is because of you.

Thanks for loving me. Even when I did not listen to a word you had to say. Even when I found my own path which was a roller coaster that wound and twisted and even went backward a few times, instead of staying the straight and narrow.

If I know what unconditional love is, it is from you.

Thanks for being proud of me. I will never forget the sound of your voice telling me how proud you were. If I know what an amazing dad is, I know it is you.

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