2019-09-21 World Gratitude Day / A grateful Day / Ein dankbarer Tag / Um dia Agradecido / Un día Agradecido

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Every new day brings you more opportunities to love, smile, laugh, enjoy, have fun, discover something new, enjoy time with people, family, friends, enjoy yourself, be yourself … feel gratitude not only for the chance to enjoy another day of life, but also for your senses which will allow you to do that: smell, touch, sight …

You can not be grateful for everything that happens, but you can be grateful in every moment. You can fine-tune your Awareness – you can become present to this lived moment – for you have no guarantee of what will come next. And in the here and now, you can open up not only to the experiences that bring you joy and contentment, but also to the opportunities for action and change in the face of suffering and adversity.

You need to live in the present so that you can realize what is going on at each moment: situations that are favorable to you, things you receive or enjoy, all types of circumstances that give you a chance to be thankful. The best tool to live in the present and gain focus is your breath. By focusing on your breath (inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale) your Awareness of the moment you are living increases.

Focus on your breath and make sure that it is slow and deep, no matter what you do. Gratefulness becomes the wellspring of not just happiness, but engagement in the World as well; and in this way, it nourishes pathways of growth and peace. Gratitude is good medicine. Make gratitude your daily practice.

The Awareness of the benefits of having time in your life for gratitude, appreciation and positive reflection are apparent. One day a year, reflect on the many amazing things you have in your life, it would positively impact your well-being and make you happier and more contented.

Gratitude Day is celebrated annually on the 21st September. The celebration of Gratitude Day allows both individual citizens and organisations within wider Society to celebrate the broad meaning of gratitude in a variety of ways.

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