2019-09-26 Natal, Brazil / Marriage is like Alcatraz / Ehe ist wie Alcatraz / Casamento é como Alcatraz / Matrimonio es como Alcatraz

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Marriage is a strange phenomenon. Marriage brings out the worst in you. It is not surprising. In fact, it is already been proven – the people you know and love the most are the same people you are most awful to.

Which is why people relate marriage to prison. Once you get married, you are pretty much locked down in the relationship. You have said your vows, aka, sentenced yourself to a life of imprisonment with your cell mate, or husband.

You see him every day. And there are times when he is at his best, and during those times, you appreciate being able to see him every day. But more than often, you see him at his worst. And when he is at his worst, you have no choice but to see him every day.

You are going to keep working at the relationship, and at yourself. You will improve it, better it, and it is going to be a lifelong process, because you are locked in this … until one day you escape … until one day you free yourself.

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