2021-09-04 Natal, Brazil / Climb to the Sun / Zur Sonne steigen / Subir ao Sol / Sube al Sol

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Reminiscence is the behavior of reflecting on your past, and Nostalgia is the emotional response.

Nostalgia is a powerful mix of joy and Sadness.

It carries within itself the acknowledgement that the passage of time is unalterable.

Nostalgia feels bittersweet, happy and comforting.

But with a taste of Sadness that whatever we are remembering is lost in some way.

For too long you were running on hope

And it’s wrong but it works so

You used wax to build your wings

It’s not strong but it works so

The first verse of ‘Climb to the Sun’ is a meditation on how You just have to find a way to survive in life.

Even if that means making unwanted compromises with yourself.

We walked down the back of your house

We called to you to come out

The curtains were drawn right down

Just the sound of the suburbs

The second verse of ‘Climb to the Sun’ is a childhood story on how to preserve your memories, the moments that seem to be frozen in ambiguity.

Remember when you were a child

You’d climb until you reached the Sun

Reality frame doesn’t matter

As long as you can say you’ve won.

The third verse of ‘Climb to the Sun’ is the beauty of imaginative play as a child and is the reality that I have not seen my baby Matilda.

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