A better connected World / Eine besser vernetzte Welt / Um mundo melhor Conectado / Un mundo mejor Conectado

As mankind evolved over many thousands of years, communication with each other has changed beyond recognition.

Since the dawn of time, man’s first gestures to each other gradually led to the painting of symbols on cave walls and then into languages, characters and thought processes, and then on to today’s digital tools, all steps towards greater connection.

No matter how we change the way of communications, the reason we communicate remains the same: to care for each other and to share ideas.

In the future, high-speed connections will be as omnipresent as the air. People and machines will communicate with each other anytime to generate intelligent and informative information to serve our needs.

We will take high-speed connections for granted and will enjoy the services without even notising. Connectivity is where the heart belongs, the mind develops and where the future belongs.

A profound technological transformation is spreading around the World, impacting our work and lives more than anything that has come before.

New technologies that seemed unimaginable in the past are commonplace now, and are playing an increasingly important role in business operations.

More and more companies are incorporating connectivity, cloud, big data, internet of things, and artificial intelligence into their core processes and management systems, aiming to boost efficiency and competitiveness.

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