A fragile Existence / Eine zerbrechliche Existenz / Uma existência Frágil / Una frágil Existencia

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Ecologists around the the globe are actively working to protect a fragile World.

Ecology teaches us that humanity is not the centre of life on the planet; that all forms of life enable our existence and that we must learn to respect them as we respect ourselves.

The tremendous beauty of ecological thought shows us an understanding of, and an appreciation for, life itself; an understanding and appreciation that is imperative to the continuance of life.

Life can be saved by non-violent confrontations and by bearing witness. A person bearing witness must accept responsibility for being aware of an injustice.

That person may then choose to do something or stand by, but may not turn away in ignorance. Our greatest strength is life itself, and the commitment to direct our own lives to protect others.

The purpose is to stop the destruction to the environment immediately, even if for a short time, to show that it can be done and that there are people willing to do so.

And to draw public attention to the critical environmental issues, so that the full weight of public opinion can be brought to bear on decision makers.

Act as a caretaker, work to protect and nurture a fragile World. Our planet does not exist to merely support humanity, but rather all forms of life must live together respectfully to enable us all to exist.

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