A Space Odyssey / Eine All Odyssee / Odisseia no Espaço / Odisea del Espacio

A Space Odyssey is a 1968 epic science-fiction film followings a voyage to Jupiter with the sentient computer Hal after the discovery of a mysterious black monolith affecting Human Evolution.

The film deals with the themes of existentialism, Human Evolution, technology, artificial intelligence, and extraterrestrial life.

A Space Odyssey contains no dialogue for the first and last 20 minutes giving the spectature  a primarily nonverbal experience but  in which music would play a vital role in evoking particular moods.

About half the music in the film appears either before the first line of dialogue or after the final line. Almost no music is heard during any scenes with dialogue.

You’re free to speculate as you wish about the philosophical and allegorical meaning of the film A Space Odyssey but such speculation is one indication that the film A Space Odyssey has succeeded.

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