About Love / Über die Liebe / Sobre Amor / Sobre el Amor

One of the most thoughtful and emotional phrase has begun to lose its meaning. ‘I love you’ is a phrase many people throw out into the World, without realizing its full impact.

Love is simply just not what it used to be. ‘I love you’ has become overused as the band-aid that can hold the relationship together when it begins to crumble and divide.

‘I love you’ is not just a phrase that can make everything okay again. It does not undo and put away the tears and heartache associated with every argument.

It does not change the bitter feelings or leftover thoughts within your mind. You are not obligated to say it back. You may not even truly feel that way, but Society seems to want you say it every now and again.

Love is something that used to be special, a bond that we can only see in movies today. As times change, the theory of Love does too. Once used as a strong emotion towards someone, the word Love is thrown out as if it came free. Love is about sacrifices, is about pain, about eternal joy and happiness, and not something that comes easily.

The Society we live in today loves Love, just for the sole idea of it. We lust for the idea of being head over heels in Love, so maybe that is why it seems to slip through our tongues so easily.

Many medias exploit Love in the sense that it is used as a patch-up for when the going gets tough, used as a way to have someone finally commit fully into you, and has begun to underlie lies.

Lies about where they have been, who they were with, among other small white lies that usually end up in heated arguments later.

We use media with a swipe of finger to find our soulmate, one that we match with by just being physically attracted to the pictures they hand select to put online.

But they have a Facebook, so they must be real, right? They must really be interested in me, for me, right?

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